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Quotes Anne Marie did an excellent job with deep tissue and stretching. I am an older gentlemen of athletic build so stretching is vital to maintaining movement and range of motion along with the deep tissue portion of the massage for muscle health and blood flow. Anne Marie took her time and just knew where the areas of pain where and helped me to relax and trust her and be in the "Now" with no thinking. I was relaxed, well stretched and revitalized after the session. I highly recommend Anne Marie and greatly look forward to my next massage with her. She is the consummate professional. Nick C Quotes
Nick C

Quotes Anne Marie has magic in her fingers. Aches and pain that I'd had for years disappeared. She is strong and can give an amazing massage. Quotes
Catherine R

Quotes I felt taken care of, relaxed, and secure from the first moment Anne Marie introduced her touch to me, right until the very end of my session. She is an experienced, talented, educated therapist who knows intuitively what my body needed. I love the way that she was able to adjust pressure. I love the way that she moved my limbs to get into certain muscle groups without discomfort. I love her warm hands and her obvious compassion for other human beings. I just can't say enough about her service and what I received in my short time with her. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to receive a five-star massage session. In my opinion she is the best of the best! Quotes
Jen G.G.

Quotes I had this cut on my neck from a bad haircut and I was in pain for 2 days. I called Anne to ask her if she thought her frosting would help heal the cut. She said, "Yes, it has aloe in it." I proceeded to use it on my neck and it was immediately soothing to my neck. The next day the cut was gone. Thank you to Amre Hair and Skin Frosting!! You saved me! Quotes
Thank you!

Quotes Anne Marie is the most gifted masseuse I have ever met. She has an unearthly knack for finding and doing what needs finding and doing. Quotes
Robbie Lopez


  • "Anne Marie provides an excellent massage therapy session. She uses verbal quotes, scents, and music to add to the overall peaceful environment and atmosphere. Anne Marie provide..."
    Craig J.
  • "Im loving Amre body butters! It feels like food for my skin, loving the feel and the smell and my skin is left feeling super soft! Im excited to try them in my massage practic..."
    Jocelyn Belden
  • "I am compleetly hooked on AMRE's Royal Flora hair and skin cream. I put it all over my clean face and hands before bed, and on and off during the day (I have to wash my hands o..."