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Quotes Anne Marie provides an excellent massage therapy session. She uses verbal quotes, scents, and music to add to the overall peaceful environment and atmosphere. Anne Marie provides an excellent setting by using her gift of intuitive healing to provide one with the best massage therapy experience. Anne Marie welcomes any feedback and is eager to work on any "problem areas" or "areas of concern" longer than other areas. Anne Marie is positive, happy go lucky, and motivated to giving one a great massage. I highly recommend her. Quotes
Craig J.

Quotes Im loving Amre body butters! It feels like food for my skin, loving the feel and the smell and my skin is left feeling super soft! Im excited to try them in my massage practice. Thank you!! Quotes
Jocelyn Belden

Quotes I am compleetly hooked on AMRE's Royal Flora hair and skin cream. I put it all over my clean face and hands before bed, and on and off during the day (I have to wash my hands often for work). This product is all natural, good for me, wonderful smelling, non greasy and soaks right in. I adore it. I also used it to heal my new tattoo and gave it out to my friends for the holidays. Great product! - Alysse in Oregon Quotes

Quotes Professional, soothing, healing. Relieved my whiplash symptoms by getting early treatment. Your products are outstanding. Results sessions work and gave me great insight into my psyche and how powerful the mind is and how easy it is to repattern it. Let's have another session soon. Worth every penny and more. Best kept secret around. Quotes
Marilyn Lopez

Quotes - Annemarie has a very calming, holistic approach to massage. It's not ready set go okay finished. Rather, she allows you to get comfortable, then speaks with you about how you're feeling and your expectations, and then creates an atmosphere that really allows you to relax your mind and body. During the massage, Annmarie quietly checks in making sure she is in lockstep with your needs. - I prefer medium to hard pressure and Swedish, Sports, and deep tissue massage. For the full 90 minutes of massage, Annmarie was able to really knead my muscles, targeting the areas that I brought up and also addressing related areas that I would've never known to massage. All the while she maintained a consistent effective pressure and technique. I walked out feeling like I had just had a massage. Score. Annemarie works at a shop known for its quality massages, and in the future I know now that I have another massage therapist I can rely on to get the job done right. Thank you, Annemarie! :) Quotes

Quotes Hey Anne, I just needed to let you know that the massage you gave me helped me so much! I woke up Wedneday morning and I wasn't in pain for the first time in a month and a half. It is wonderful, and so are you. Thank you, thank you. Love, Ann Quotes
Ann Nemer
Finally Pain Free

Quotes I had a migraine and severe tension in my shoulders. I called to get a massage last min. She arranged some time and met with me that evening. She knew exactly what to do. She not only handled me in a nurturing way. She used acupressure to relieve pressure for my migraine. Also aroma therapy helped me breath and gave me strength. I have been looking for a good massage therapist that knows what they're doing and has good deep pressure. I plan on going back again! Quotes
Andi G
migraine relief

Quotes The BEST massage EVER! I enjoyed a 1 hour massage with Anne and it was completely relaxing and very therapeutic. Anne is a magician with her hands! I love that she incorporated very light stretching of my legs, neck and back. She made sure I was comfortable at all times. I also liked that the room was very warm and cozy upon arrival and that Anne makes and uses all natural massage lotions. My skin feels great and smells so good :) Honestly I didn't want it to end. I could have taken a nap right after, I was so relaxed. My only concern before I got there was that the massage space is right off the highway, I thought it would be distracting but it isn't at all. The music was soft & peaceful and didn't hear any traffic. I definitely plan on continuing massage therapy with Anne and will to send my fiancé to see her too! Quotes
Zoya G
Five Stars

Quotes Anne Marie's deep tissue massage and calming environment have helped me tremendously and I am addicted! She not only does wonderful massage but is a great counselor and life coach! And her line of creams and lotions are some of the highest quality and best smelling I have ever used :) she is also very reasonable price wise. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking for physical help and also emotional change and stress reduction. Quotes
Dana H.
holistic healing

Quotes Anne Marie has given me massages for more than 10 years. She does such a good and personalized massage I highly recommend her. I love her hair and body frosting. I use to have problems with cracked heel and dry hair but since I started using it i no longer have those problems. She has also done a results session with me which helped me in areas I didn't even realize I needed it. Quotes
susan powers
satisfied customer