Sky Island Massage

professional and organic

are you ready to explore cochise county by bike and camping?  car support available. 

come enjoy the the high desert of the southwest outdoors for the summer.  

you'll be surprised how much you love it!!!!!

Overnight camping, bike journeys, or other collaborative, facilitated or independent akashic-touching experiences possible.  Gorgeous nature scenery.  Choose your medium.  



do you feel distracted and harried?  would you like a moment to reconnect with yourself?  Starlit nights in the beautiful Sky Islands of Cochise County might be able to help you with that.  


 The desert inspires a sense of openness and awe.  


Come to a residential play-shop with magical intentions for yourself!   Choose your medium and make art with us in Bisbee, AZ.  


Contact us directly at for more information. 


Come to Cochise County with the intention of connecting with source.... and leave behind anything you would like to take a break from.  

Cell phones, tobacco, intoxicants, complaining, overeating, meat, sugar, toxic melodrama, codependency, addiction of any sort: leave it all behind. 

Come to do art and connect with your Self.  Leave feeling vibrant, refreshed, elevated and inspired.  Get specific tools and methods to reach beneath the surface and emerge with the more authentic YOU! 


(Please speak to your doctor if you are on medications, or if you have any disorder or condition that might preclude you from giving up any substance.  Talk to us in advance and let us know what you are going to be giving up so we can make sure to have support for you)  


Very Collaborative Environment.  Bring your ideas.  Barter opportunities available. 

 Join us to commune with nature and express ourselves in multimedia ways that do not include electronics: drumming, journaling, dancing, walking meditation with wide open desert vistas... clay, paint, collage....  choose your medium and be ready to be peace and become a more excellent YOU!

  excellent healing cuisine  and rejuvenating healing arts available


Totally unique and wonderful Bisbee architecture, local food and night life but best of all, beautiful amazing nature everywhere you look.  


Bring your passport if you would like to travel to nearby Mexico. 





June:  Detox and Art UP in Beautiful Cochise County


Anne Marie has visited and engaged such diverse places as Cyprus, Dominica, and Syria, and has a special propensity for islands and locations with water.  2013 was a special year for adventure when she finally undertook the self-contained long distance bike ride along the Oregon Coast, completing more than 1000 miles!  Recommended!


"Travel is healing.  When we leave our habits and patterns of life behind and get on a train or spend an extended time in nature, we are able to look more deeply at the state of our present mind.  This awareness in the present gives us the exact position necessary to change our orientations, to shed the things in our lives that are not working, or to get a better look at what we really desire.  With this new information we can re-enter our day-to-day life renewed and with a different frame of mind or we can choose to reformulate our life altogether.  Whatever our soul is calling out for becomes more apparent."  --Anne Marie


 Whether you wish to take a relaxing holiday on the beach, a shamanic yoga journey in the tropical rainforest, a quest for ancient places and artefacts or a long distance bike ride, Anne Marie can help you plan your adventure, creating organized itineraries with activities specific to you.  

Very low cost adventures are possible, and Anne Marie can help design one personally tailored to your goals and interests without breaking the bank. 






 Biking 40 miles straight up a hill before breakfast has wonderful panoramic vistas as a reward. 


Somehow the view is always more inspiring when you climbed the hill under your own power paid for in your time and sweat.   

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