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Organic Skin Frosting

Protect and soften your skin and hair with our new, simpler, always organic formulation!

  This rich, luxurious, non-greasy, organic skin product will nourish your skin and make it dewy soft.  Produced in small batches without harsh parabens, phthalates or other chemicals out of the need for a high quality massage cream that was safe enough to eat (since our bodies absorb what we put on our skin).  You can feel GREAT about feeding your skin this!

Handmade in small batches, this product is like food for your skin and we love being able to offer it to you free with your massage!


"Im loving Amre body butters! It feels like food for my skin, loving the feel and the smell and my skin is left feeling super soft!" Joceyln B.



This product is fantastic for dry skin, winter itch and creates beautiful results in only a few applications!  Great for bringing luster back to skin and hair, healing cracked heels, ankles, elbows and hands, softening cuticles and other uses. 

 No harsh chemicals or preservatives.  Not tested on animals.  


These beautiful moisturizing skin care products are made with five main ingredients chosen specifically for their skin nourishing and medicinal qualities.  These ingredients have been used in skin care for thousands of years.



Three ORGANIC ingredients with healing and skin nurturing properties:



  • Shea Butter
  • Kokum Butter
  • Coconut Oil





 Shea Butter has been used for centuries to soothe dry scalp, for dandruff and does not clog pores. It contains derivatives of cinnamic acid, a substance which helps protect the hair from harmful UV rays. Research has shown that shea not only has anti-inflammatory effects, but also may help prevent the development of tumors. It has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, and to lighten stretch marks. It may diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal and increasing circulation. Shea contains many fatty acids, catechins, and plant sterols such as oleic, palmitic, stearic and linolenic acids,vitamin A and E. As a moisturizer, it helps skin retain elasticity, and has demonstrated anti-microbial action. It has been used for preventing shaving bumps, relieving sunburn, to protect from sun and wind, to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, on scars and rashes, burns, insect bites, arthritis, muscle fatigue and to generally moisturize the skin and hair from head to toe.



Kokum Butter:  Kokum butter has been used traditionally in India for hundreds of years to soften skin and restore elasticity and as a balm for dry, cracked, rough and calloused skin. It has been used to fight infections, unpleasant digestive disorders and has even been used to relieve arthritis pain. It helps prevent dry skin, helps to heal ulcers and fissures on the lips hands and soles of feet. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for damaged skin. It helps regenerate skin cells and reduce skin degeneration. It is non-comodegenic (will not cause acne).




Coconut Oil has been used to lighten age spots and prevent stretch marks. It is naturally SPF 4, it helps diaper rash and is used as a massage oil. Its lauric acid content gives it antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties and has been used topically to kill yeast infections. It has been used to treat the appearance of varicose veins. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been used on arthritis, to treat acne, split ends, cracked heels, to soothe poison ivy, as a natural deodorant, as baby lotion, nursing nipple soother, and to relieve hemorrhoid pain. Many use it as an anti-aging facial moisturizer, on cuticles, elbows, and on cold sores. 





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